Margie Baker, Principal

Hello Students, Parents, Teachers!  Happy New Year!  2011-12 promises to be an exciting and challenging school year.   Every September is a brand-new opportunity to re-invent ourselves.  We have an opportunity to be even better than we were in the preceding year. This year promises each of us an opportunity to                       S-T-R-E-T-C-H and reach for our personal best.

As many of you know, performance levels in NYS have changed.   Students are being challenged to reach greater heights and levels of proficiency.  Like anything worth having, this will be a challenge.  It will force us to hone our skills and achieve our personal and professional bests.  This will require every faction of the school community to come together.  We will all have to work for a common goal, simply stated, to help our children become skilled thinkers, analysts, readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists.  This is a process that will produce the strongest and most competent citizenry this city, state and country has ever had.   Yes we can!

Ebbets Field applauds this call to action and commits to reaching our goals.  We are humbled by the enormity of the task but we recognize that we are starting with the very best raw materials–our children.   We cannot do this alone.  We need every family to stand behind us and ask, “Where is your homework?  What did you learn in school today? Where can you use it?  What did  you read to day that made you think?”   These are questions that will support our work and help our children answer this call to action.   Remember the only day wasted is one within which you did not learn.

Please feel free to come and see us.  We have gone great lengths to preserve our music, art and media programs.  We recognize that education must produce well-rounded students who can think, write, read, calculate, create, define, and connect.   We look forward to working along side you to accomplish this end.

With heartfelt respect and commitment to excellence,

Margie Baker