Home/School Partnership: Something to Consider

The most important thing a school and home can do is to partner in creating high expectations for all learners. and ensure the emotional and social well being of all school stakeholders.  Our children must know and understand what it is to become college and career ready.  Every day, we must strive to reach this goal.  We must partner to guarantee that parents and students know and understand the common core curriculum and how it relates to their individual success. Students, Parents and the school must know and understand our individual accountability in this processa and monitor our individual and collective goals and take responsibility for reaching them.  We can do this when we do it together.

We need you to talk to your child every day about homework, about school work, about her/his performance.  We need you to push your child’s thinking.  We need you to ask, “What did you learn in school today and how will you use it?”  We need you to let your child know how much you value learning and how excited you are about their school work and scholarship. We would love to work with you to create personal goals for your children.

Please contact Ms. Blair at 646-753-2360  or email at mblair@schools.nyc.gov to discuss how we can improve the home school partnership and ensure your child’s success. I would love to see you at our school every day discussing scholarship, setting high expectations and insisting upon social excellence.  I cannot wait to hear from you!

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Happy 2013!

We are very excited to welcome 2013.  We are sure that your child will receive an unprescedented level of academic success.   We want each of you to remember that Success…is a journey not a destination!  Your child needs to feel successful and supported every single day of her/his life.  The school and the home are an unbeatable partner.  We cannot lose as long as we move togetehr as one.   We are committed to one thing–EXCELLENCE.  Please reach out to us whenever necessary.  We are always here for you and your child.  Thank you.

Things we cannot comprehend

Parents, students and faculty:

I remember hearing that faith meant believing when common sense tells you otherwise. This is often true. Faith in a greater good or a common understanding, defies us when we hear that twenty kindergarten students and seven adults lost their lives in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Still, we must have Faith. We must believe.

We must acknowledge that bad, unspeakable, unconscionable things can happen to good and innocent people but that GOOD will always triumph. I promise you that our school and all the schools in NYC will work with our Building Response Teams to ensure our collective safety but most importantly our children’s safety.

These acts are dispicable and will never be forgiven or tolerated. Our guidance teams work diligently to ensure our students mental and emotional health and will be conducting group and individual counseling for any students who are suffering the emotional impact of this event. I am proud to be the leader of Ebbets Field Middle School and I ensure you that I will use every resource available to me to ensure our children’s safety. I am responsible for safeguarding the most important resource in the world–your children and my faculty. I take this responsibility very seriously. It is an honor to be entrusted with this task and I am forever humbled.

Please speak to your children about this incident and ensure them that we are in charge and we are ready and able to protect them. Tonight as you count your blessings I know your children’s names will be first on your lips. Tonight, hug your children long and hard and often. Make sure they know the adults in their life will keep them safe and good will always prevail. Join me in wishing the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Peace and Healing. May each of you have a blessed New Year.

Countdown to PTA Meeting

Ebbets Field Middle School 352—Where every child hits a home run!

At Ebbets Field Middle School everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner. We know, understand and believe that a successful school is one that is collaboratively built by its staff, students, parents and community. We will make each of our children college and career ready so that they are prepared for higher education and life. We will create an environment where children see themselves as successful and competent individuals. We will implement the Common Core Learning Standings and the NYC City-wide  Instructional Expectations and provide our students with rigorous common core tasks.  Everyone at Ebbets Field works to achieve this end. We know and accept that everyone’s success is our success and anyone’s failure is our failure. If we are to succeed — nobody can fail! We can do it; we will do it; and we’ll do it together!


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