Ms. Kopylova Goals for 2011-2012

My goals for the 2011-2012 school year is to ensure my students’ readiness to speak, read and write in English while preserving and respecting their heritage languages.  To accomplish this end, my teaching goals are:

  • To develop, co-plan and co-teach instructional units linked to the common core curriculum with the content area teachers of 612, 613, 712, 812, and 814. To accomplish this, I will create alternate tasks and use a variety of materials and methodologies to differentiate the curriculum and make it accessible to all learners regardless of their linguistic readiness.
  • To engage in constant professional development through attending professional development and reading relevant literature in the field of modern ESL and language acquisition and teaching in a free and democratic society.
  • To provide technical assistance and professional development to teachers of mainstream students to improve their skills in differentiating to meet the needs ofall students expecially those with limited English proficiency.

I am lookng forward to a fabulous year filled with amazing student achievement and professional development.  If you need me, please feel free email me:   I look forward to partnering with you this year.



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