Testing and Our Children

It is always darkest before the dawn.  I know that our school, district, and city and state performed poorly on the Common Core Assessments.  I know how upsetting this is  for everyone.  I also know that tests and scores do not define children, parents, teachers, schools, districts or Cities.

Our students did make progress.  How much progress?  We don’t know yet.  We know that common core assessments are infinitely more difficult than old assessments.  We know that this year’s performance is a base line and we will know how well we meet the challenges for next year.   We know that we must and will keep moving  toward something better. Our scores will increase.  This data will guide our journey.  We need our school and community to help us — help your children to succeed under these new measurements.

We need for parents and the community to keep your faith in our children, our teachers, our administrators, our schools and our people.  We will figure this out together and we will continue to grow great children.  Thank you for your support!

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