Principal Rowe
Jeanne Rowe, Principal
AP Morris
Veronica Mullen-Morris, Assistant Principal
AP Kornegay
Ronda Kornegay, Assistant Principal
Kayan Soverall, Community School Director
Teacher Barrett
Kemeisha Barrett, Math Teacher
Teacher Bates
Arthur Bates, Math Teacher
Teacher bosch
Samantha Bosch, Music Teacher
Teacher Falcon
Gloria Falcon, English-as a-New Language Teacher
Teacher Fortuno
Phillip Fortuno, Health and Physical Education Teacher
Teacher Henry 1
Basirat Henry, Special Education Teacher
Teacher Henry 2

I am a Special Education teacher with experience in the self-contained and integrated team teaching settings. My strength is in small-group and targeted instruction. I utilize explicit models of teaching to engage students and deliver instruction.  I believe students learn best through doing. An effective curriculum is centered on the experiential. Cross-curricular projects and activities should be commonplace in the classroom with an equal focus on process and outcome. This year, I will lead students in their first experience using computer programming to solve real-world problems--part of Computer Science For All.

Nigel Henry, Special Education Teacher
Teacher Ighodaro
Anita Ighodaro, Social Studies Teacher
Teacher John-Dover
Odette John-Dover, Special Education Teacher
Teacher Om
Shivani Om, Special Education Teacher
Teacher Orr
Andrea Orr, English Language Arts Teacher
Ashley Rodriguez , English Language Arts Teacher
Placeholder Singh
Lovejit Singh, Special Education Teacher
Teacher Walker
Celeste Walker, Science Teacher
Related Services
Jacqueline Allen-Cooper, Guidance Counselor
Placeholder Ford
Eric Ford, Behavior Specialist
Jelani Hypolite, Behavior Specialist
Orianna Webb, Mental Health Counselor
School Based Support Team
Oriel Best, Social Worker
Anne Brenkert, School Psychologist
Sonia Mcleod, Secretary
Placeholder Anderson
Melvin Anderson, Paraprofessional
Placeholder Beaubrunt
Luc Beaubrun, Paraprofessional
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Kamau Clement, Paraprofessional
Quyen Duong, Paraprofessional
Shaundalee Francis, Paraprofessional
Nneka Hamilton, Paraprofessional
Administrative Operations
Marleen Blair, Administrative Secretary
Celeste Jackson, School Support
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Margarita Quinones, Family Support
ATS Washington
Marie Washington, ATS Support

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I am a licensed mental health provider from Interborough Developmental and Consultation Center, providing support services to students and families at Ebbets Field.  My approach is getting to know each student, and understanding their preferred means of relating and self-expression.  I acknowledge that students face challenges that are not just personal but also systemic.  I believe that every student is ready to learn and grow, and that everyone benefits from being recognized as a unique individual within a supportive community.   My goal for this year is to meet with students individually and in groups to aid in adjusting to these uncertain times while they grow and develop as young people.

My name is Odette John-Dover. I am a Special Education Teacher with experience in the 12:1:1 (self-contained)setting. I believe that all students can learn and that students learn best through inquiry and hands on experiences. I believe that the classroom must be a conducive, safe space in which respect for all and tolerance are fostered. This year, I will be working in the NEST classroom as the math and ELA teacher (Grade Six).





I am an ENL teacher with 10 years of experience in Middle School. My strength is effectively delivering integrated and stand-alone services for ENL students. I work closely alongside the English Language Arts teachers to add scaffolds to support ENL students. I also pull students in small groups; these sessions focus on remedying and building specific language acquisition skills. I believe ENL students learn best through social immersion and discussion in a culturally responsive environment. This school year, I will continue to use Advance Literacy and Socratic practices to frame instruction.  I plan to advocate for wider use of the Imagine Learning program in tandem with I-Ready for emerging ENL students.












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Hello! My name is Ms. Rodriguez and this will be my second year at Ebbets Field Middle School. I teach 6th and 7th grade English Language Arts. My strengths include providing a supportive but rigorous learning environment for my students. I believe students learn best when they work together and when they work hands on. Mistakes are expected and encouraged. This year, I am excited to work with my co-teachers and start our first year implementing the NEST ASD program at our school community. Let’s have a great school year together!
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I am the Community School Director at Ebbets Field Middle School. am a Licenced Mental Health Counselor with approximately 10 years of experience in youth development. My strength is offering comprehensive support services to children from a variety of backgrounds with a wide range of needs. Additionally, I oversee the vast majority of work facilitated by New York Edge within Ebbets Field Middle School. I have made great strides in bridging the gap between day school operations and the big picture ideas of the afterschool program. 
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I am a Social Studies teacher for grades 6-8 students. Our focus is on the Eastern Hemisphere for Grade 6 and the United States for the 7th and 8th grades. My philosophy stems from a firm belief that it takes a village to raise a child. In essence this means that if all parties involved in the education of a child are fully committed, every child can learn successfully. This year I will be instructing my students in a blended format-virtually and in person.
I teach Core Music and Band. I love helping students find connections between their interests and music as we investigate music from around the world and through many subject lenses.  From songwriting, to instrument technique, to event production or the science of sound, I use student's varied interests to develop our yearly curriculum and to make sure every student finds their musical niche. This year we will delve into digital music making, songwriting and audio editing as we explore our new digital world. 
I am a school counselor at the Ebbets Field Middle School 352.  I have been assigned to the middle school since 2006. I've worked with all grades, presently the focus is grades 6-8. My strength is social emotional learning. You can not be an effective educator without knowledge of your audience. Philosophy: Kids are like little social butterflies. It is our job to reach; to teach to the heart. Listening is very much apart of such development. Goal: To use curriculum and strategies on 2020's platforms with the endeavor of supporting students in reaching their fullest potential.

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I am a science teacher. My strength is in creating projects that incorporates the use of technology. I believe that projects increase engagement, problem solving and analytical skills to better understand the topics/ issues in relationship to the world in which we live. The knowledge gained will cultivate creativity and critical thinking to enhance the development of our future leaders which will promote a better society.  

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Link to Ms. Bosch's Music Class
Kendall Jinwright, Special Education Teacher
Kira Ollivierra, Special Education Teacher
I am a Special Education teacher with a specialization in English Language Arts. I have experience working with students with disabilities and general education students. My strength is scaffolding for student-led instruction and small heterogeneous grouping. By doing so, I employ the "I do, we do, they do" model through activities that inspire discussion and stimulate critical thinking/learning. I strongly believe the best tool for student learning is collaboration and differentiated instruction. This year, I plan to have each student create a digital narrative weaving together transferable skills learned throughout the school year.
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Kseniya Shinkevich, Speech Pathologist
I am a Speech Language Pathologist and have been privileged to have worked in a variety of different settings the last few years. While providing speech therapy, I utilize various evidenced based therapeutic methodologies in order for each student to achieve their optimal potential. I like to incorporate students’ interests as well as current events into my lessons. Personal experience has proven to me that working efficiently  and diligently as a team leads to the most positive and favorable outcomes. My goal this year is to incorporate more technology into my lessons while addressing both academic goals and providing possible vocational skills for the future. 
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I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW).  My goal is to ensure students and families have access to resources that will benefit them in school and in the community. I assist in developing and implementing educational programs for students with disabilities.  I also assist with mental health and behavioral concerns as well as provide academic & classroom support while consulting with teachers, parents, and administrators.
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I am a licensed Special Education teacher with fifteen years of experience working in a variety of LRE settings including SETSS, inclusion, and self-contained environments. My strength is in providing small group literacy intervention for our students using evidence-based best practices. I strongly believe that all students learn best when instructional strategies cater to the unique learning needs and styles of each individual learner. Furthermore, I believe students need diverse opportunities to develop their individual and collective strengths. This year, I will serve as the ICT ELA teacher for grades six through eight, as well as continue on in the role of IEP Coordinator.
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I am Anne Brenkert, the school psychologist for Ebbets Field Middle School. I collaborate with parents, teachers, and students in an effort to maximize a student with a disability's potential for learning. I help develop plans/services that will help these students be successful. This year I will be trying to ensure this happens in whatever learning option a family chooses. 
Currently, I am a 7th and 8th grade Math Teacher at Ebbets Field Middle School. My aim is to equip students with the tools to become problem-solvers and independent learners. Math is often seen as a challenging subject but I believe all students are capable of being successful with Math. Students respond well when they are able to make connections between their academic encounters and cultural backgrounds. As such, I have challenged myself to establish a culturally responsive classroom environment for ALL of my students.
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I am a Special Education teacher in the Self-contained setting. My strength is in making the depth and richness of the General Education curriculum accessible to all my students through the use of the Universal Design for Learning framework (UDL). I believe students learn best when they feel connected to their teacher and see the relevance of curriculum-content in their lives. Knowing my students and making the lessons germane to their experiences is very important to me. This year, I will be providing lessons remotely in all subject areas.
I am a Physical Education and Health teacher here at Ebbets Field Middle School. I have experience in educating students in the sports education model in which students gain knowledge in playing, officiating, spectating, appreciation and statistics of sports. My philosophy of teaching is to educate students in a wide variety of skills that pertain to Physical Education. In doing so, the goal of my Physical Education program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills in order to improve their overall health. Thus, leading into my philosophy in Health education being, providing students with culturally relevant Health education in order to improve their overall health. Being able to integrate both of the subjects I teach, provides me with a greater opportunity to make a difference in my students' overall health beyond their time as a student here at Ebbets Field Middle School.  
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I am a Special Education teacher who has worked with students in both Integrated Co-Teaching and Self-Contained settings. My strength is in culturally responsive lessons that build students into better members of their communities . I utilize relatable topics while teaching course content to engage students.  I believe students learn best in a transparent environment where they can ask the questions that are important to them.  This year, I will help students build their academic and social skills.
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Ersell Mellis, Parent Coordinator
I am the Community School Director at Ebbets Field Middle School. am a Licenced Mental Health Counselor with approximately 10 years of experience in youth development. My strength is offering comprehensive support services to children from a variety of backgrounds with a wide range of needs. Additionally, I oversee the vast majority of work facilitated by New York Edge within Ebbets Field Middle School. I have made great strides in bridging the gap between day school operations and the big picture ideas of the afterschool program. 

As the Parent Coordinator, my role is to enhance parent outreach through events and activities organized to distribute information to parents and help Ebbets Field Middle School continue to grow into an even better school than it already is. Family Engagement Is essential in helping students achieve success. Your participation is critical, as you are your child’s first teachers and have the most vested in their success.

You may direct any questions, concerns, or ideas to me that you may have. Throughout the course of the year, I will keep in contact with you by emails, personal phone calls, and flyers about school or community events and through our school messenger communication tool.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email or 917 435-3676 every- one is WELCOME! My doors are always open and will do my best to accommodate time to listen and help.

School Success = Everyone