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The Ebbets Field Middle School English Language Arts curriculum consists of Expeditionary Learning and Engage NY for grades 6, 7 and 8.

Engage NY - ELA Grade 6

Engage NY - ELA Grade 7

Engage NY - ELA Grade 8

The Ebbets Field Middle School Math curriculum consists of Engage NY, Go Math and Illustrative Math.

Engage NY - Math Grade 6

Engage NY - Math Grade 7

Engage NY - Math Grade 8

This year we will incorporate Algebra For All, Computer Science For All, as well as the Stock Market into the Math curricula.

Ebbets Field uses the Amplify Science Curriculum. Real world science extensions are made through the various events and learning opportunities provided by Urban Advantage.

The Science department will continue to infuse Project Based Learning. Computer Science For All will be incorporated in scientific investigation and problem-solving.

Ebbets Field Middle School utilizes the Passport Social Studies Curriculum. The Social Studies department has two major partners: Generation citizens, Brooklyn Connections through and the Brooklyn Public Library which provide real world and interdisciplinary extensions to the curriculum.





At Ebbets Field Middle School, we offer a Physical Education Program that focuses on the acquisition of a variety of skills through the sports education model. The sports education model asks students to take on numerous roles in Physical Education such as team captain, referee, stat keeper, player, equipment manager or score keeper. These roles allow students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the sports that are being taught.

The goals of our Physical Education program are to produce more competent, literate, and enthusiastic students upon graduation.

Competence allows students to perform the skills and implement the strategies that are necessary to be a successful participant in sports.

A literate student understands and values the rules, rituals, and traditions of sports, and is able to distinguish between good and bad sports practices in a variety of sports settings.

An enthusiastic student is one who preserves, protects, and enhances the sports cultures through participation, involvement, and appropriate behavior.

Thus, when a student accomplishes the goals of our Physical Education program, the student has the skills, knowledge and passion to continue participating in physical activities for a lifetime .