Veronica Mullen-Morris, Assistant Principal

My name is Veronica Mullen-Morris.  I have had the privilege of serving as Assistant Principal of Humanities since 2005.  When we started this journey, we planned to build a school that would serve all children.  We have kept true to that promise.   Today, we serve children from a variety of countries and cultures.  They speak a variety of languages and creoles.  They bring such richness to our school community.  I am humbled by their ability to acclimate to a new country, language, and school system.  They are heroes–brave beyond their years.  Because we are so inspired by these young people I have developed some specific goals.  I hope you will join me in reaching them.

2011-12 Goals

  • To increase the number of  students who score at or above level three on the ELA exam by ten percent or greater.
  • To modify the current curriculum to align it with the common core standards and create  rigorous common core tasks in English language arts and socials studies.
  •  To provide data driven professional development that emphasizes rigor, questioning and higher order thinking as it relates to the common core curriculum, instructional delivery,methods and materials, and  differentiation.
  • To ensure that all level one and two students receive targeted academic intervention that is rooted in data and driven by research based intervention systems that will result in moving five percent of all level ones to level to level two and five percent of level twos to level threes.
  • To increase parent and community involvement by five percent through the creation of hands-on and interactive family fun nights and classes related to social studies and literacy.

I hope you will partner with us and ensure your child’s success by reminding them to do homework and having them read for twenty minutes in a quiet room; encourage them to watch the news and allow them to summarize the major impact of the news for the day.  If you need any thing, please contact me via or

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