Hello-Testing is around the corner.  It really is.  Please help us help your child by ensuring s/he study, read, calculate and hypothesize.  Home is a wonderful place to apply what we learn in the school house!  The common core is all about making that transfer from home to school.  Making the learning real world, applicable, understandable, stimulating.  We have to ensure that your child is always thinking, reasoning, wondering, creating.   It’s not that hard.  But we are competing with a gaming world.  It’s ok.  They can enjoy these things too.  But twenty minutes of reading, twenty minutes of thinking, twenty minutes of calculating and twenty minutes of writing can do more for your child than any video game can.

Have your child log onto IXL and practice his/her math.  Dare him to read TEENBIZ3000 every night!  Look at the textbooks with your child and see how s/he can apply some of these concepts to real life.   We need you to partner with us.  We need you this month to really inspire your child to focus! calculate! inquire! reason! wonder! ask! analyze! hypothesize!

Please join us in this endeavor and we promise you we will do whatever it takes to make sure your child is on the path to college and career readiness.  We need you though  You are the most effective teacher your child will ever have. Never forget that and stand proud and firm.  Readers are Leaders! Thank you.

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